The lowest priced, most versatile, easy to use AOI and automatic first article inspection system available. Have AOI already? Use our system for pre-reflow to catch failures while they are easy to fix. Both table top and in line over conveyor systems for only $20k. $30k for stand alone inline system (conveyor included). Nothing more to buy or pay for ever! Free million plus part online library & 24hr Support too.


2D & 3D Printers & Handling Equipment

World class printers with both 2D and 3D SPI. The conveyor is 4″ wide, so you never have to worry about it going out of alignment. 3D image easily rotated and manipulated with just a mouse. Drag and click to measure profiles down to 8.5 microns. The 3D inspection and closed loop capabilities are almost identical to what others offer in their independent 3D SPI systems with less than 1/2 the footprint and less than 1/2 the cost, you get a printer and 3D SPI system in one!


SMT & Automatic Odd Parts Insertion Systems

Over 2,000 units installed worldwide. Incredible accuracy with the latest linear motor technology. 01005 components are no problem. Less than 10 minute changeover time makes it ideal for high mix/low to mid volume requirements. Small footprint. Vision parts inspection eliminates false readings commonly found on laser inspection systems. Most advanced/lowest cost system on the market. New MAI line is the most versatile automatic odd parts inserter on the market. Call for details.

Laser & Mechanical Routers, Laser Markers

The world’s leader in laser cutting, routing, UV +CO2 laser marking equipment. Our equipment has been specifically designed to augment the requirements of flex fabricators, automotive companies, PCB assemblies and the semiconductor industry. Exact tolerances, auto-sorting.


Laser Selective Solder Systems

The FireFly from Seica can do a solder joint every ½ to 1 second, solder hard to reach places unattainable by any other means, no nitrogen required, allows for easy lead to lead-free solder conversion, archives every solder joint, requires no warm up & less energy consumption than standard selective solder systems and can be programmed to run up to 150 different boards through the system with no operator required. Please contact us for additional information.

Inline Cleaners & Waves

Catering to the CM industry for the last 30+ years, Technical Devices has developed a cleaner meant to provide the best possible cleaning for your boards with the least amount of energy use. These are custom built units that range in size from only 9′ (approximately the same size as a batch cleaner!) up to 23+’. They are made in CA and are the absolute best system available on the market. All machines come with shipping, installation, training and warranty.

Used Equipment, Feeder Calibration, & Repair Services

Provides low cost used equipment as well as feeder repair and calibration services, charging for time and cost of parts only (No markup on parts!).

Auction site dedicated to PCB assembly + test equipment. Let us get you the most money for your assets.


ESD Anti-static Flooring

The only provider of NASA clean room approved ESD anti-static rubber tile (highest grade of tile available). Largest inventory in N. America! Lowest cost for high quality ESD anti static vinyl tile. ESD carpeting. ESD epoxy. Installation available too.

Vapor Phase Reflow

Provides critical profile capabilities, helps dramatically reduce voids. Will not cause thermal damage to components and even allows for BGA rework. All while substantially reducing your electrical output. Stand alone and inline systems available.

Offering software that operates like the major competitors for about a ¼ of the cost.  You can manage what your machines are doing, who was operating them, failure and pass rates and much more, all from one simple to use operating system.  With prices starting in the $20k range, you need to have Kwik Tik aiding your manufacturing throughput. Contact us for details.

Batch & Stencil Cleaners & Chemistry

Latest in fine & ultra fine cleaning. Kolb is also the only manufacturer that offers its own line of low cost, super concentrated cleaning chemistry too. Let us provide quotes for all you company needs.

Ovens & Wave Systems

The most cost effective systems on the market. New ovens starting below $18k! Waves in the mid-20s! Extremely reliable and easy to use.

Selective Solder

Systems are low cost, and German engineered for both ease of use and durability. Call for Details.

Dry Boxes

Provides complete, customizable solutions for most drying processes. Contact us with your applications.

  • Nozzles, Feeders & Magazines – We can access new, used and aftermarket feeders and nozzles for most any pick & place system. Great pricing.
  • Repair Services – We can provide repair services & spare parts for most Assembly & Test Equipment.
  • Assembly & Test Equipment – Most all types, makes and models available (Fuji, Universal, Mydata, Juki, Panasonic, Siemens, BTU, Heller, TD, Ekra, DEK, ACE, Aqueous Technologies, Den-on, BGA rework stations, and much more.
  • Floor Equipment – Tables, chairs, microscopes, solder irons, lead formers & trimmers, etc… New & used.
  • Solder – SAC 305, 405 & 63/37 paste, wire, bar and the very lowest cost, lead-free & silver -free SN100C.
  • Stencils – Low cost, Next-day delivery, Standard & Space Saver / DEK Vectorguard, True Nano Technology, coating available, call for quotes. 
  • Sell your Assets! – We buy all types of used equipment! Call us for a quote or let us sell it for you! Need something? Let us sell your old equipment or take in trades for now.
  • Digital Video Microscopes – Steady picture, Lowest cost
  • X-Ray – 2D, 3D X-ray available. Stand Alone, Table Top, and In-Line.